Company Overview

Miracle Solution is a systems integration company that provides a total solution in systems architecture design, construction and maintenance. We aim to become "the world's best group of engineers" by serving our customers with the best quality and a fast service, at a reasonable cost.

Our Strengths
  • a vast knowledge in server technologies
  • a long experience in systems integration
  • a high quality training programs for engineers
  • a leading technology in security, cloud computing, virtualization, etc.
  • a well-recognized technical skills that are also published in books
  • a certified Microsoft partner
Company Name
Miracle Solution Inc.(MSI)
Date Founded
14 June 2002
Michie Nagaoka
Capital Fund
18,000,000 yens
Main Office
SANTEJI Nishishinjyuku, 1st and 2nd Floor 3-24-3
Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0053 JAPAN
Telephone: (+81) 3-5365-2086
Business Concept
To provide a total solution in systems architecture design, construction, maintenance and consulting services for every type of companies.
Services Provided
System Architecture Design, System Construction, System Maintenance, System Consulting, Troubleshooting and Help Desk, Publishing, Training Programs for Server Engineers

President Michie Nagaoka

Simplified personal history
She joined Softbank Corp. as an engineer in 1995.
She gained experience as a freelance engineer in Microsoft Corp. and IBM Japan Corp.
Qualification acquired
Windows NT 4.0 Network construction guide, SOFTBANK Publishing Corp.
Windows 2000 Advanced Server Technology Microsoft Cluster system configuration guide, Miracle Solution Inc.
Windows Server 2003 Technology Microsoft Cluster system configuration guide, Miracle Solution Inc.
President Michie Nagaoka

Since it was founded in June 2002, our company has been building up a good and steady record in IT industry, overcoming the changes throughout time. In 2012, we were able to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We earnestly appreciate your support. From now on too, we will keep striving in order to provide you our best services.
We value the communication and relationship that we have with our clients and we will always do our best to satisfy the needs that they have in this highly changeable IT industry. We would like to offer you a "miracle solution" and an answer to all your requests, by utilizing the latest technology and the experience of a very well qualified group of engineers. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our relationship with you.

January, 2013
Michie Nagaoka
Miracle Solution Inc.